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Wind and Surf continue for Kite Beach Cabarete

Wow…quality SUP and Kite Action continues for Kite Beach Cabarete as the Southern US is getting hammered by snow and wind. Even Cuba is getting hit by this Big Winter Low Pressure system. Generally these big Low Pressure Systems would bring surf and kill Trade Winds…this has not been the case, Kite Beach Cabarete has had great Sunrise Surf and Quality Afternoon Kite action. It looks like the same will continue today. As the Low Pressure System approaches there will beĀ  Southerly winds which should mix with our Easterly Trade winds creating quality Kite near Sunset. Look for Rain and westerly Winds to arrive on kite Beach Cabarete later this week.

kite beach cabarete wind and surf

kite beach cabarete wind and surf

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