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Sunrise SUP and late could be great for kiting on Kite Beach Cabarete

Extremely Late Season Tropical Depressions have brought most of the Caribbean 24 hour wind for weeks…looks like this trend will fade as a ho loto surf is heading towards Kite Beach Cabarete starting manana. Waves should build slowly the rest of this week peaking this weekend through next week. For SUP rentals, tours and coaching [...]

Paddle Boarding Kite Beach Cabarete

My favorite time to paddle board is in a lite rain. Of course sunny and windy days are fun also…so come on…let´s paddle board the SUP Lagoon, Kite Beach Cabarete Kite Beach cabarete Kite Surf SUP map

Sunday Kids SUP Club kite beach cabarete dominican republic

Kids Sunday Sup Club, Kite Beach Cabarete

How to read an approaching Swell

Most Surf is caused by wind some where. Wind Swell then travels until it hits reef or land.  Hurricanes and Winter Storms are the two most popular wave producers for the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.Winter Storms come from the North and are pretty simple to read, if it´s snowing in New York, Kite [...]

How to pass the break on a SUP

One of surfing´s major flaws is that laying down on a board and paddling is slow, similar to crawling. The good news is that it is easy to dive like a duck with a short surf board. Not so with a SUP. A paddle board is more like a bike for the water. Paddling a [...]

SUP Lagoon Kite Beach Cabarete

Paddle Boarding Kite Beach Cabarete and the SUP Lagoon

SUP Lagoon and River make for all time paddle boarding on Kite Beach Cabarete. We have Flat Water, Long Distance and Wave riding here on the SUP Lagoon, SUP River and Kite Beach…all levels welcome…join us…let´s paddle board                

SUP, Cabarete, North Swell

Is Kite Beach Cabarete SUP Paradise? “Winter brings the North Swell and quality wave riding to Cabarete and Kite Beach. ” says Maui John…”as the storms pass to the North of the North Shore of the Dominican Republic, swell hits the outer reefs, these winter storms also block the ‘High Pressure’ systems which bring strong [...]

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