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Waterman rules

Waterman Rules Generally Watermen (and Watergirls) are ruled by the Laws of Nature and simple Physics. The reason is because they operate in “Near Shore Waters” on rugged Windward Coasts.  The Appropriate Regulatory Agency almost never have the Time, Money, Desire, Experience or Equipment to patrol World Class Wind and Wave spots. With that said [...]

Early Kite-Late SUP for Kite Beach Cabarete

Wow…the big Nasty is hear…but wait…late will be great for Paddle Boarding head high surf! Sunrise brought 25knot North Westerly Wind with head high surf…but as usual, this “clearing wind ” will fade quickly  through out the day. There is a 64% chance of super SUP wave action as we near Sunset. Notice in the [...]

SUP pattern for Kite Beach Cabarete

hmmm…Quality Surf for Kite Beach Cabarete Slow lift…this big Low Pressure System (white n blue in color) is slowly lifting North West which gives Kite Beach Cabarete small flat waves, light rain, cloud cover and  AC like temperatures. The Swell (amber in color) is just hitting Havana now and is a day away from hitting [...]

Kite Beach Wind and Surf

Record snow and cold grip North America as Big Winter Storms Race across the Continent. In 2012 and 13, these big storms had a more West to East Pattern. This pattern brings lots of wind to Kite Beach Cabarete and very little surf. This year the storms are taking a more normal North West to [...]

Sunday Morning Kids SUP Club

Sunday Morning Kids SUP Club almonds, coconuts, moringa, sugar cane, fire building and a loto paddling. The Boys are getting their Certifications in Paddling and Organics. They received their Brown Blades in Machete and can now open Almonds and clean sugar cane  

How to pass the break on a SUP

One of surfing´s major flaws is that laying down on a board and paddling is slow, similar to crawling. The good news is that it is easy to dive like a duck with a short surf board. Not so with a SUP. A paddle board is more like a bike for the water. Paddling a [...]

GP’s fires as Quality SUP action continues

“…nothing but quality Paddle boarding Conditions” says Maui John “GP’s has been working like a charm, it’s been near perfect SUP action, it so nice to have the break to yourself, there are other Paddle Boarders in Cabarete, but there are so many quality SUP waves that paddle boarders can have the break they want [...]

SUP, Cabarete, North Swell

Is Kite Beach Cabarete SUP Paradise? “Winter brings the North Swell and quality wave riding to Cabarete and Kite Beach. ” says Maui John…”as the storms pass to the North of the North Shore of the Dominican Republic, swell hits the outer reefs, these winter storms also block the ‘High Pressure’ systems which bring strong [...]

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