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No SUP for you

Wow…the Holiday´s have been windy on Kite Beach Cabarete, near 24 hour wind which has been sweet for kiting but strong morning Wind has shut down SUP action. It seems the reason is an Unbelievably,Inconceivable, Extremely Late Season Tropical Low sitting off shore of Panama and Columbia (again). These type Low Pressure Systems bring 24 Hour Wind and Radical Sand Migration to Kite Beach. One Sport Wind Athletes are really happy but wave riders are out of luck, there is very little Double Dipping on Kite Beach these days.


The Classic SUP Kite Double Dip Days have a 57% chance of returning Next Week

Next Week shows some promise for Quality SUP Wave Riding Action because of an approaching LOW, the Inconceivably Late Tropical Low looks like it is fading so hopefully we´ll be back to Big wave Glassy conditions early and strong Trade Winds Late.wind kite beach

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