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Learn to kiteboard at your pace, on your gear, at your location with the New KITEs Method Ecourse

All of the KITEs Method lesson plans are now available online at

The KITEs Method E-course is the quickest way to learn and the safest way to teach:

  • kiteboarding
  • kiteboating
  • snowkiting

The E-course is a compilation of Curriculum:

I asked KITEs Method producer  “Maui” John Holzhall just how easy it is to learn using the KITEsEcourse Method Online

“Amazingly Simple” says Maui John. “Repeat the exercises and you’ll cruise through to expert riding!”

Q. How safe is it?

A. A million times safer than the traditional Method. There is no tea bagging or needless walking. The chaos associated with learning is gone.

Q. Why don’t more schools use the KITEs Method?

A. More an more do, we are now on every continent.

Q. I learned from the second Method DVD after suffering a horrible lesson, or what the guy called a lesson, that was two years ago, the guy is still teaching the same way, how is that possible?

A. There is a lot to running a school, shop or brand. A guy may be a good business man and have little interest in learning the best ways to teach. On the other hand, I know great teachers who have no ability to sell or market.

Q. So how many instructors out there are just doing it for the money.

A. There are a lot of cruisers out there, but every day there are more good instructors.

Q. I guess it’s buyer beware?

A. Ya, a lot of guys think they are going the safe route by taking a lesson, but learning the traditional way is simply chaos. Probably seven out of ten people who try to learn that way quit.

Q. So what is the answer?

A. Time, we all learned the traditional way. We took it hard, pain, fear, beatings and considerable walking was part of the deal. Today more and more riders are learning the KITEs Method, many of them will be tomorrows instructors, pro riders and shop owners.

Q. So there is hope for instruction?

A. Oh ya, instruction is just going through the same revolution that equipment just went through.

Q. Do you ever ask instructors why they don’t change?

A. Oh ya

Q. What is the response?

A. Some good, but usually bizarre

Q. What is the most bizarre response you got?

A. A good friend of mine and a world class ride asked me honestly “why do you want to teach riders to go up wind?”

Q. What was your reply?

A. I was speechless

Q. So what do riders do?

A. They learn to go upwind from day 1! Navigate, Park and Edge, but definitely no tea bagged down wind and walking back upwind for more punishment.

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