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learn to kite

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KITEs Method 

Quickest Way to Teach

Safest Way to Learn!

Our Latest “Learn to Kite Book” is available in the itunes store or free with any lesson {*req. ipad2.0 or later}

So come learn the physics behind kite power and the techniques required to master kite boarding.

  1. Resort Course 1 Hour Course $69usd -

      Safe fun and very informative. Learn to Tack Upwind, Park your Kite and Edge learn how to control your kite and navigate comfortably.

  2. “Athlete’s Course” 3 day Kite Course $499

    - BOOK NOW! This is a 3 day (8 hour) course .  This Method course is GUARANTEED to be the safest way to teach and the quickest way to learn. Train under the Supervision of kiting’s top trainer Maui John. Learn to: Go Upwind, Water Start, Self Launch Self Rescue, Rig and Ride. This course includes the KITEs Method Certification and training from John Hozhall, author of the KITEs Method Books.

  3. “Bro to Pro Course” 5 day 20 hour course – $999

    - This course is 5-7 days or 25 hours.This course is for the person who is going to be a kiteboarder! Learn how to handle your gear safely and efficiently -> Guaranteed! Finish this course on your Method ALL Kite! Train under the Supervision of kiting’s top trainer, John Holzhall. Learn the 5 pillars of kiting in a Pass-Fail format. John personally rides with you and coaches you on strategies for now and all the way through Pro riding.

  4. KITEs Method Coaches Courses $254

    compilation of Curriculum:

to download our Ecourse click here.

Courses are a compilation of Curriculum and books published by Maui John { John Holzhall}

KITEs Method Book ISBN #9889978192-1

KITEs Method E-courses
Secrets of Kiteboarding Book ISBN#9889781913

Kiteboarding’s Simple Plan ISBN #9781553950813





I asked KITEs Method producer John Holzhall just how easy it is to learn the Method

“Amazingly Simple” says Holzhall. “Repeat the exercises and you’ll cruise through to expert riding!”

Q. How safe is it?

A. A million times safer than the traditional Method. There is no tea bagging or needless walking. The chaos associated with learning is gone.






kite boarding book
learn to kite book

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