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Hurricane Season Starts Now

Kite Beach Wind and Waves

…well at least for the East Coast…Hurricane Author is rolling up the East Coast as I type. Right now Author is smacking North Florida, i´m still waiting for real time reports from N. Fla. Watermen, but the wind should be off shore and the surf should be large. Looks like Cape Hatteras is going to get hammered with big surf, strong winds and a loto rain. Wave riders from New York to Boston are gearing up for some quality action, but the storm will be moving fast by the time it gets to NY, it remains to be seen if NY is going to get big wave action.  The only downsides to this storm are:

1. New York Media will call this Cat 1 storm the “Storm of the Century” and call for the National Guard

2. Author is moving a little too fast to bring long lasting action

3. The storm is a bit too close to the coast (close = rain)

4. The DR didn´t get any action from this Storm

Kite Beach Wind and Waves

Kite Beach Wind and Waves

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