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How to pass the break on a SUP

One of surfing´s major flaws is that laying down on a board and paddling is slow, similar to crawling. The good news is that it is easy to dive like a duck with a short surf board. Not so with a SUP. A paddle board is more like a bike for the water. Paddling a few miles on glassy water is no problem, but “duck diving” is for traditional surfing, not SUP. Getting past the break on an SUP is easy if you are working a quality SUP break , just paddle out the channel, around the break.  Traditionally surfers looked for good waves which break close to the beach. Paddle boarders arn´t harnessed by the inability to travel distance on water. Paddler´s  should turn away from traditional surf spots and find quality waves further off shore which have large channels. Kite Beach Cabarete is a perfect example of quality SUP waves. The waves are almost a mile off shore and the channel works like a charm. These breaks are a bit far away for Surfers, but paddling out the channel is easy on SUP.

Kite Beach cabarete Kite Surf SUP map

Kite Beach cabarete Kite Surf SUP map

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