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How to kite surf


Learn to Kite Books by John J. Holzhall

Learn to Kite Books by John J. Holzhall


All Courses come with the most current edition of the KITEs Method Ebook. [must have ipad 2.0 or later]

All Courses are Coached by the Author of the KITEs Method, John J. Holzhall

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      1. Resort Course 1 Hour Course $59usd Resort Course 1 Hour Course $59usd
      Safe fun and very informative. Learn to Tack Upwind, Park your Kite and Edge. learn how to control your kite and navigate comfortably.

    • Bro to Pro Course” 3 day Kite Course $399BOOK NOW! This is a 3 day (8 hour) course .  This Method course is GUARANTEED to be the safest way to teach and the quickest way to learn. Train under the Supervision of kiting’s top trainer Maui John. Learn to: Go Upwind, Water Start, Self Launch Self Rescue, Rig and Ride. This course includes the KITEs Method Certification and training from John Hozhall, author of the KITEs Method Books.

  • Athlete’s Course” 5 day 25 hour course – $999 BOOK NOW This course is 5-7 days or 25 hours.This course is for the person who is going to be a kiteboarder! Learn how to handle your gear safely and efficiently -> Guaranteed! Finish this course on your Method ALL Kite! Train under the Supervision of kiting’s top trainer, John Holzhall. Learn the 5 pillars of kiting in a Pass-Fail format. John personally rides with you and coaches you on strategies for now and all the way through Pro riding.

Learning to Kiteboard can be fun and easy or very painful and difficult. It does not have to be difficult or painfull. Learning to kite surf should be fun and easy. The programs we have to learn to kite board are very fun and simple.

1. You have to have the correct equipment in order to learn to kite board safe and quickly. The Kite Gear you need starts with the bar and lines. Pictured below, the graph shows one kite and three line sets. 1 x 5m + 1 x 5m + 1 x 15m. with this combo you end up with five different line combos.  5m – 10m – 15m – 20m – 25m

Multiple Line Lengths

2. The next most important part of ‘How to Kite’ is Methodology. Look, if you can do the KITEs Warm Up and Upwind Board Drag you will learn to kite quickly. Check out this video, if you can do these skill sets, you will learn how to kite surf quickly and safely How to kite surf.

Learn how to Kite board on Kite beach Cabarete, Take Kite courses with the premiere Kite Instructor. Kite Classes happen daily on kite beach, or take our E-course.

How to Kite Board

Kite board courses cabarete

Join us at the Method Lodge on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic where we Coach every level of SUP and Kite Boarding. Train with Head Coach Maui John

SUP E-Course 1-101


Location matters as well as the time that you plan to paddle. Above is ‘Maui John’s’ Map of the Kite Beach and Lagoon. Generally there is an Easterly Trade wind which builds during the day as the Mountain and Land heat up. This process is called Anabatic winds , they occur when sun-warmed air rises and gently flows up mountain slopes and valleys. Katabatic winds occur at night when cool air sinks down mountain slopes and valleys. If you understand this process, then you will understand why we begin our SUP Wave riding courses early in the morning. In short, we are trying to capture the Katabatic or ‘offshore’ winds. As the heat of the day builds the land heats up and this hot air rises. Cooler trade winds replace the rising hot air. We start our lagoon tours at 9am, we paddle South West to ‘Dog Town’, then we head East to the “Sacred Pools” , then we turn back to the West and SURF the Trade winds back to Dog Town. Generally the Trade Winds are light as we paddle East towards Sacred Pools, so we work our way into a ‘building wind’ , then SURF it downwind.  In our Ocean SUP classes we are more exposed to wind and waves so it is very important to identify:

1. The Channel

2. The Wave you plan to surf

3. Location of the Sun

4. Shore break

5. Reefs

On the Map below, we go out the channel past OP2, then turn East and go to the wave we plan on surfing.

SUP Kite Beach map North Shore Dominican Republic


Email us a Google Earth picture of your break or the water you plan on paddling. Explain your plan of where you plan to paddle and why.

SUP SURF Course 102-1

Working the Pattern:

Why don’t quality waves flood the beach? Because the water travels back out via the channel. When wave riding, determine the channel first, then the peak, shoulder and weak part of the wave. This will help you identify the pattern that we work as Wave Riders.   On the Map above, we generally exit the Channel near OP2, then turn East and paddle to the wave we think is working best.


Email us a Google Map of your break and explain where the wave is breaking and where the channel is.

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