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Beach House

wave Season has started as Harvest season ends…always something organic to do or eat at the Method Lodge

Kite Beach Hotel Rooms

I like to direct clients to hotel rooms which have ocean front Master Bedrooms. This way you will know when the wind comes in no matter what you may be doing! Kitesurf Spots and Kiteboarding Holidays Know before you go!

Wow…good action continues for Kite Beach Cabarete

Quality family Action for kite Beach Cabarete Look for Big Surf Thursday Night through the Weekend   Currently a huge Low Pressure System is Lifting away from Kite Beach Cabarete…this gives Kite Beach quality weather, family waves and glassy waters. This trend will continue through tomorrow. The sky is crystal Clear and the Moon is [...]

Kite Beach Migration

The sand on kite beach migrates annually.  Big surf  brings kite beach sand, wind takes the sand away. The problem comes when there is a lot of wind but not much surf. This is what happened in 2014 on Kite Beach, so unfortunately there will not be a kite beach by mid July unless Hurricane [...]

How to Teach kids to SUP

Teaching kids to Paddle board can and should be safe and easy. This is obvious, but how exactly can it be done… 1. Buy or shape the appropriate size paddle for the child. The paddle can easily carved out of wood, bamboo or bought on line. For more help contact us at 2. Find [...]

Loto Surf expected for Kite Beach Cabarete

I don´t know what wave riders on the North Coast did to offend the Wave Gods, but the it seems like the drought is OVER…we got some quality surf this past week (November 1st) and looks like a ho lot more swell heading this way…so looks like the swell will hit on November 7th with [...]

Stay High

If Upwind Riders keeps their kites high, the downwind riders can pass with out problems. when Upwind riders drops their kites, downwind riders have to come off their edge and travel down wind to avoid collision. So when you are out kiting…stay high when you are the Upwind Rider.

Kite Beach Cabarete Wave and Wind Action

A slow moving storm means Big Surf and Lite winds for Kite Beach Cabarete, here is a link to the Navy Swell Model. Watch as Big Surf arrives in 3 days and lasts through next week. This is because this storm will stall off the East Coast of the US and throw wave after wave [...]

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