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Big Wind Action for Kite Beach Cabarete

Strong Winds made for some quality Extreme Kite Boarding…loto surf remains and looks like this swell will last through the weekend. Unfortunately there is a worthless 10 mph onshore breeze…will this hang around??? I expect it to hang around through manana and HOPEFULLY the Trade Wind pattern will return…only a 41% chance of this happening…until [...]

Kite Beach Hotel Rooms

I like to direct clients to hotel rooms which have ocean front Master Bedrooms. This way you will know when the wind comes in no matter what you may be doing! Kitesurf Spots and Kiteboarding Holidays Know before you go!

SUP River Tour Kite Beach Cabarete

Paddle Board Jungle River Tour This SUP Tour may lead to the beach (River Mouth)  depending on the wind and your paddling ability. This Paddle Boarding Tour happens on the 2 SUP Rivers. We start at an Organic Orchard and come back to the same Organic farm. This Paddle Boarding Tour comes with English Speaking [...]

Rain days make for good paddle boarding action

More days than not Paddle Boarders get chased off the water by strong Sun and Wind…but rainy days make for good SUP action on Kite Beach Cabarete. Rarely does it get so cold at Sea Level  here on Kite Beach Cabarete that we leave the water. So cloud cover and some rain make for very [...]

Sunrise SUP and late could be great for kiting on Kite Beach Cabarete

Extremely Late Season Tropical Depressions have brought most of the Caribbean 24 hour wind for weeks…looks like this trend will fade as a ho loto surf is heading towards Kite Beach Cabarete starting manana. Waves should build slowly the rest of this week peaking this weekend through next week. For SUP rentals, tours and coaching [...]

How to rig and Launch on a crowed Kite Beach.

How to rig and Launch on a crowed Kite Beach. Hey, most kite beaches are public and you can rig and launch which ever way you choose. A cross wind set up and launch can be done in 25 meters. 1. Lay the lines out cross Wind 2. Lay the kite on top of the [...]

No SUP for you

Wow…the Holiday´s have been windy on Kite Beach Cabarete, near 24 hour wind which has been sweet for kiting but strong morning Wind has shut down SUP action. It seems the reason is an Unbelievably,Inconceivable, Extremely Late Season Tropical Low sitting off shore of Panama and Columbia (again). These type Low Pressure Systems bring 24 [...]

Windy christmas for Kite Beach Cabarete

Windy Christmas…wow, it continues to be windy on Kite Beach Cabarete mainly because of an extremely late season Tropical Low Pressure System spinning off shore of Columbia and Panama. These type Tropical Lows bring 24 wind to Kite Beach Cabarete. They also draw moisture passing to the North back onto the North Shore of the [...]

Wet and Windy Christmas for Kite Beach

Looks like a Wet One for Kite Beach Cabarete…A large Winter Low Pressure System has basically stalled out over the Island. There is an Extremely Late Tropical System spinning South of the Island off shore Panama and Columbia. These tropical Low Pressure Systems generally help increase the Trade Winds. Add in the Winter Low and [...]

Christmas Action looks good for Kite Beach Cabarete

Looks like quality Kite and SUP Christmas action for the North Shore, Dominican Republic. There is a large Low Pressure system charging towards the Island now, this will bring Large Surf and should disrupt the Trade Wind Flow by the end of the weekend. But wait, as inconceivable as it may seem, there is a [...]

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