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Paddle Boarding Kite Beach Cabarete and the SUP Lagoon

SUP Lagoon Kite Beach Cabarete
SUP Lagoon Kite Beach Cabarete

SUP Lagoon Kite Beach Cabarete

SUP Lagoon and River make for all time paddle boarding on Kite Beach Cabarete. We have Flat Water, Long Distance and Wave riding here on the SUP Lagoon, SUP River and Kite Beach…all levels welcome…join us…let´s paddle board

SUP Kite cabarete

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Hurricane Season Starts Now

Kite Beach Wind and Waves

…well at least for the East Coast…Hurricane Author is rolling up the East Coast as I type. Right now Author is smacking North Florida, i´m still waiting for real time reports from N. Fla. Watermen, but the wind should be off shore and the surf should be large. Looks like Cape Hatteras is going to get hammered with big surf, strong winds and a loto rain. Wave riders from New York to Boston are gearing up for some quality action, but the storm will be moving fast by the time it gets to NY, it remains to be seen if NY is going to get big wave action.  The only downsides to this storm are:

1. New York Media will call this Cat 1 storm the “Storm of the Century” and call for the National Guard

2. Author is moving a little too fast to bring long lasting action

3. The storm is a bit too close to the coast (close = rain)

4. The DR didn´t get any action from this Storm

Kite Beach Wind and Waves

Kite Beach Wind and Waves

Hurricane Season Starts Now!

Kite beach Wind and weather

After an incredibly windy Winter, Hurricane Season has started for Kite Beach Cabarete and even though all the “experts” are calling for a calm season, Big Wave riders are thinking that 2014 is going to be a very active year!

There is a Tropical System turning just off the Eastern Tip of the Dominican Republic right now. The rest of the Atlantic is on fire with T-Storms lines up from South America to Africa. There is even a storm spinning off Costa Rica on the Pacific side.

Ya, it´s true that the experts say that this will be a weak Hurricane Season, but i´m looking for a ho loto Hurricane Surf this year!

Kite beach Wind and weather

Kite beach Wind and weather


24 hour Wind for Kite Beach Cabarete

Kite beach Wind

Wow, it´s been a good year for kiting Kite Beach, Cabarete. We almost have 24 hour a day wind. This is because the Big Winter Storms which continue to pound North America are passing far North of Kite Beach Cabarete. Generally these Winter Storms would take a more North to South Movement, bringing Kite Beach Cabarete Big Northerly Swells, Rain and Lite Winds. Because the Storms  are moving rapidly West to East, Kite Beach Cabarete is getting wind all day and all night because:

1. The Bermuda High is not being Displaced

2. A Southerly is mixing with the Trades.


Because the Storms are so far North of Kite Beach Cabarete, the High Pressure System which brings us our winds ( Bermuda High) is not being displaced. The Southerly (wind before the front) mixes with the Trades to make for nearly 24 hour wind. This is good news for Kiters, but may spell big trouble for Kite Beach in  July and August of 2014. Strong Trade Winds help the sand migrate off kite beach and the North Swell brings Kite Beach Cabarete waves (and new Sand). These North Swells simply are not happening. Instead of having a 50 meter beach this time of year, we have a 20 meter beach. If this cycle continues, there will  be no Kite beach this summer, or a bigger ocean at Kite Beach depending on how you view it. Either way let’s hope the storms slow down a bit and turn to the South!

Windy for Kite Beach Cabarete

Windy for Kite Beach Cabarete

Kite beach Wind

ho loto surf for Kite Beach Cabarete?

SUP, Paddle board action, Kite Beach Cabarete

Looks like nothing but quality wave riding action for Kite Beach Cabarete. The next swell is due to hit in before Friday morning. The 2014 wave season has been weak to say the least, most of the storms moved North of bermuda and brought Kite Beach Cabarete a loto wind and not much surf. This pattern seems to have changed and at least the next two storms are going to be direct hits on Kite Beach Cabarete. So let´s get ready to paddle!

SUP, Paddle board action, Kite Beach Cabarete

SUP, Paddle board action, Kite Beach Cabarete

SUP Yoga, Kite Beach Lagoon

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.33.55 AM

Jonnie Sage and his Yogi Susie show us how SUP Yoga is done on the Kite Beach Lagoon, Kite Beach Cabarete, Method Lodge

Checking into the Method Lodge

ahhh…Break fest in Manhattan, Dinner at the Method Lodge, Kite Beach Cabarete.

It´s an easy trip and the Method Lodge is on the Main Road in the Center of Kite Beach, 20 minutes from Puerto Plata Airport (POP)



Fly in, take a left out of the airport, kite a bit and then enjoy a quality fresh Sea Food Dinner!


email us at to book your trip

Nice Storm on the Horizon for Kite Beach Cabarete

Calm before the Storm for Kite Beach Cabarete

Quality small surf continued to roll into Kite Beach Cabarete as a Large Winter Storm approaches. This Low Pressure System looks will at some point displace the Bermuda High Pressure System which brings Kite Beach Cabarete Trade Winds.  There is a chance that there will be strong trade winds today as the southerly winds before the front mix with the the light winds caused by the heating of the Island.  This Low will bring Large Surf to Kite Beach Cabarete, Big Wave Paddle Boarding is expected by sunrise Tuesday. As the Low Passes there will be one morning of cranking westerly winds…Theese winds are expected Wednesday or Thursday…this will be the only opportunity for good kite action other than late Tuesday!

Perfect Waterman Weather for Kite Beach Cabarete

Wow…quality Wave Riding action in the morning followed by good kiting in the afternoon and evening.


Swell continues to roll onto Kite Beach Cabarete, cloud cover is keeping the wind off until later in the morning, making for clean wave riding conditions and almost Air Condition type Temperatures, in fact the water is much warmer than the air. Sun eventually burns off the clouds and the day´s heat builds and rises.  The trade winds fill in the void left by the rising hot air making for quality Kite Action. The hotter the day gets, the stronger the wind becomes. This is why Late will be Great for kite boarding!


A distant Low Pressure system will help keep this Perfect Waterman Weather in place for the next four days, after that the Next Big Front will barrel off the East Coast and bring us more good surf starting Tuesday Morning and possibly some Storm Kite Action Thursday and Friday.

Oh by the way our latest Book is out, it´s called the Waterman, this book is available in the itunes store. 


Our latest Learn to Kite Book is also available in the itunes store.

Paleo Treat

Nothing like fresh coconut an sugar cane in the morning.



Drop in and join us for an Organic meal after Paddle Boarding the Kite Beach Lagoon. Paddle board kite beach cabareteor come paddle and kite with us on kite beach, cabaretekite lesson kite beach cabarete

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