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Sunday Morning Kids SUP Club

Sunday Morning Kids SUP Club

almonds, coconuts, moringa, sugar cane, fire building and a loto paddling. The Boys are getting their Certifications in Paddling and Organics. They received their Brown Blades in Machete and can now open Almonds and clean sugar cane

Kids SUP SUNday


Sunday KIds SUP Club

we are having a blast here on the SUP Lagoon, Kite Beach Cabarete, with the Kids SUP Club on the Paddle Board Lagoon

Sunday kids paddle board on the sup lagoon kitebeach cabarete Dominican Republic - 1



Sunday Kids SUP Club kite beach cabarete dominican republic

Paddle Boarding, Kite Beach, Cabarete,

Paddle Boarding, Kite Beach, Cabarete,

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 4.14.05 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 4.14.12 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 4.14.59 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 4.15.12 PM Sunday kids paddle board on the sup lagoon kitebeach cabarete Dominican Republic - 1Kids Sunday Sup Club, Kite Beach Cabarete

Kite Beach Cabarete FAQ´s

I’m looking for accommodation at your wonderful camp.
Can you offer a package price for 3 weeks in a private room?
The dates are: 22-dec untli 11 jan.
Hola, my comments follow yours
Hi again John!
Thanks for your fast reply!
Kite Beach cabarete Kite Surf SUP map

Kite Beach cabarete Kite Surf SUP map

I assume that the accommodation is marked by the yellow dot on the map, in front of your shop?
JH: yes
Just have a few questions since there are not much info about it on the homepage:
JH: Accommodations …I coach SUP and Kite, run the SUP tours and own the shop here on kite Beach. we book units on kite beach for our clients, but I do not own or operate any rental units. With that said we certainly put a loto clients in the accommodations which best fit their needs and budget. We offer rooms on the Kite Beach (across the street from our shop) and SUP lagoon (next to our shop). Beach Side units range from $69 for studios, $139 for one bedrooms with kitchen and $189 for 2 bedrooms. so there are a lot of options on the beach side. The room you inquired about is on the National Park side of Kite Beach, next to my shop and the SUP Tours. This room does not have AC. It also has a shared kitchen.

Is there any air-condition in the room? Is there any safe/locker and fridge in the room?
JH. The ocean side units YES, the Lagoon side No except for the fridge.
How many rooms do you have in the camp?
JH. The lagoon side has 9 beds, the ocean side of kite beach has 100 condos.
Are the rooms dedicated for surfers?
JH: Yes on the Lagoon side, generally yes on the ocean side
Do you have restaurant / bar or sort of kitchen on the site? (sorry for lots of questions at once, but it is really hard to see anything on the pictures on your website, may be you have some other to show?).
JH. Yes on the beach side. Help me out a bit,
1. How many people are in your group?
2. We generally paddle board in the morning and Kite Board in the afternoon…after we relax at the beach bar or the Kite Boat Bar and take in the sunset.  If you are looking to mingle with other kiters I suggest the ocean front unit. Please let me know what kind of trip you are looking for.
I understood that it can get pretty choppy on Kite beach.
JH: windy…strong winds increase chop.
I wanted to order myself a new board for that, on the internet.  Therefore it would be much easier to ship it directly to the destination. It is off course a good idea to rent as well, but since I wanted to get another board anyway, i was looking to buy in first place.

JH: You pre-pay 40% of the value of the board for shipping, customs, taxes ect… the board will be delivered her to my shoplet me know if this is what you want to do.

How to read an approaching Swell

Most Surf is caused by wind some where. Wind Swell then travels until it hits reef or land.  Hurricanes and Winter Storms are the two most popular wave producers for the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.Winter Storms come from the North and are pretty simple to read, if it´s snowing in New York, Kite Beach Cabarete should have quality surf 30 hours later.   With out a doubt, Hurricanes are more dynamic and harder to read. Hurricanes come from the East and circulate in a counter clock wise spiral. The North side of the storm is where the action is, the South Side, or Lee side of the storm is the Weak side.

kite beach surf, wind and weather

kite beach surf, wind and weather

With out a doubt, Hurricanes are more challenging to read, the above picture shows 2 (current) storms moving off the coast of Africa…so here are some basics

1. Both storms are 20 degrees above the Equator, which is good for us here on the North Shore. Once a storm drifts above 20 degrees, it rarely comes back.

2. Notice the black inside the storm, this indicates intense action and tight circulation which is good for generating waves.

3. Notice the lite blue color off the coast of New York, this is wind swell from a Low Pressure system, this Low will most likely keep the Hurricane from drifting North.

4. Under the words Storm Surf it says “+180 hours”, this is a forecast of where the swell will be in 180 hours.

5. Lee Side can have great surf and off shore winds depending on the speed and distance of the storm.

As wave riders watch this storm they are hoping for a storm which is slow moving, stalls East of the island and throws a ho loto surf

How to pass the break on a SUP

One of surfing´s major flaws is that laying down on a board and paddling is slow, similar to crawling. The good news is that it is easy to dive like a duck with a short surf board. Not so with a SUP. A paddle board is more like a bike for the water. Paddling a few miles on glassy water is no problem, but “duck diving” is for traditional surfing, not SUP. Getting past the break on an SUP is easy if you are working a quality SUP break , just paddle out the channel, around the break.  Traditionally surfers looked for good waves which break close to the beach. Paddle boarders arn´t harnessed by the inability to travel distance on water. Paddler´s  should turn away from traditional surf spots and find quality waves further off shore which have large channels. Kite Beach Cabarete is a perfect example of quality SUP waves. The waves are almost a mile off shore and the channel works like a charm. These breaks are a bit far away for Surfers, but paddling out the channel is easy on SUP.

Kite Beach cabarete Kite Surf SUP map

Kite Beach cabarete Kite Surf SUP map

How to teach kids to Paddle Board

SUP Lagoon Kite Beach Cabarete

Rule #1 Get them the right size paddle and blade.   The blade should be as wide as the child´s out stretched had. The weight of the paddle matters.

Rule #2 The board has a tremendous amount of floatation and the child needs to be taught how to fall to the board. If they fall in the water, they need to be taught to climb up onto the board. Life Jackets can work if the coach and child have tested and proved them. Some jackets leave children face down in the water. Remember, Nothing replaces training, things only assist with training.

Rule #3 Location, spend time to find the perfect location, ease the child into the sport, never put them in conditions where they are not comfortable…this means don´t take them out in the ocean because it´s a “flat day” for you. Find a spot that is less than 3 feet deep and has a sandy bottom.

Rule #4 A little bit each day goes a long way as opposed to one heaping helping of paddle boarding

Rule #5 Teach Respect for the Water. If all goes well, your child will be excited to paddle, it is important to teach them to respect the water in a fun safe way.

If you are interested in having your child learn to SUP with us, contact us at

SUP classes and rentals SUP Lagoon, Kite Beach cabarete

SUP classes and rentals SUP Lagoon, Kite Beach cabarete

How to teach kids to sup

How to teach kids to sup

SUP Vacations

SUP Lagoon Kite Beach Cabarete

The Greater Kite Beach Cabarete area makes for perfect SUP vacations. We have pristine Lagoons, navigable rivers and quality waves on uncrowded off shore reefs. probably the best news is that we have year round wind and warm weather. Contact us at the to book your SUP vacation. Every Level Paddler is welcome!

Hurricane Season Heats up for kite Beach Cabarete

Kite beach Weather

Kite beach Weather

hmmm…Hurricane Season 2014 could be heating up for Kite Beach Cabarete…We just got good action from a nice little tropical Storm, looks like a Tropical Wave will arrive next weekend and then there is the Big One just forming off the African Coast…traditionally Wave Riders would not get to excited about a Hurricane which is so far away, but we´ve had two years of wind and not much surf so Wave Riders on Kite Beach Cabarete are excited about this far off storm.

for more about Kite Surf Wind and Weather check out the Latest Method Book

Paddle Boarding Kite Beach Cabarete and the SUP Lagoon

SUP Lagoon Kite Beach Cabarete
SUP Lagoon Kite Beach Cabarete

SUP Lagoon Kite Beach Cabarete

SUP Lagoon and River make for all time paddle boarding on Kite Beach Cabarete. We have Flat Water, Long Distance and Wave riding here on the SUP Lagoon, SUP River and Kite Beach…all levels welcome…join us…let´s paddle board

SUP Kite cabarete

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